Employer Super

Super can be complex.

Your company is expert at what it does, we are experts with super. Let us help you maximise the benefits of your super fund; for both the company and for your staff .

Are you getting value for your super spend?

Super is a major expense for employers, we help you get value from this expense.

Do you have a financial advocate?

We can often negotiate better terms, higher insurance levels, lower premiums.

Suitable insurance?

Providing adequate insurance for your employees can really take the burden off their families if something does go wrong.

Have you already got a good fund?

There is no need to make changes if your company fund is a good fund. We can simply add our valuable services to your existing fund.

Your single point of contact

Simplify, demystify, sort out issues.This is what we do!

Are your employees being looked after?

We educate on super and all aspects of financial planning, helping people to be comfortable that their future is being looked after.

Fees too high?

Super is getting more competitive all the time. It’s good to compare plans from time to time.

Obligation free review

“We certainly have the experience to guide you in the right direction. I’d be delighted to prepare an obligation free review of your current fund.”