Employee Superannuation Advice

Super can be complex.

While you might be an expert in your field at work, we are experts with super. Let us assist you to maximise the benefits of your company super fund.

Investment selection

You are in control? Investment decisions made early can make a big difference to your retirement.
For example, an extra…

Beneficiary nominations, binding beneficiary nominations, Estate planning

Beneficiary nominations

You can nominate who receives your super, insurance and retirement benefits upon your death. Nominated payment…

Super contributions - salary sacrifice, super guaranteed, non concessional contributions

Super contributions

Do you know you can optimise your contributions to get better outcomes for tax and your super balance? When you make ….

How to consolidate your super, rollover super funds, too many super funds

Consolidate Your Super

Bring all your funds together. Make your super easier to manage and get rid of duplicated fees.
Be mindful of the …

How to know your superfund is right for you.

Are you in the right fund?

Do you know what your current fund costs and what it offers? Do you know all the benefits offered in your employer’s fund?

Insurance cover

Most Australians are under-insured. If you were to die how would your family cope financially?
Could you pay the bills if …

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning

Retirement should be fun and careful planning at this stage is critical. You may also be able to receive a super pension after age 55 …

How can you access your super before retirement. Different rules for early super access.

Accessing your super

Did you know you can access your superannuation balance before you retire? Depending on your circumstances you can ….

Leaving your employer

Leaving your employer

Do you know what happens to your super when you leave or what are your options with redundancy payment? You can …

Spouse contribution splitting

You are able to split 85% of your previous year’s employer and salary sacrifice contribution to your spouse to help…


Lower income earners can make after tax contributions to super and receive an additional contribution from the government.

Forms & Calculators

Forms for CFS, MLC, AMP, and BT fund managers; easy to use calculators, useful guides and fact sheets to help you with your super and insurance.

Obligation free review

“We certainly have the experience to guide you in the right direction. I’d be delighted to prepare an obligation free review of your current fund.”