Wealth Strategy

Investment Strategies

Your personal strategies are designed around structuring, tax effectiveness and managing future uncertainty. There are a number of ways that you can build your investments:

  • Superannuation
  • Investment portfolio


Superannuation will be a large proportion of your investment savings that is aimed at providing you with a lump sum or an income when you retire. Your employer must pay a percentage of your salary that is investing into your superannuation account. You can also make additional contributions personally.

When considering or reviewing your superannuation we suggest considering:

  • The investment options available
  • The fees in the account
  • The insurance benefits
  • Structure and features

Investment portfolio

Outside of the family home and superannuation, the other way to build wealth is through investments.

You can build wealth in a number of ways:

  • Setting up a regular savings plan
  • Investing a lumpsum

How you invest your money is important as it impacts the risk and returns over time. We believe a well diversified and well researched portfolio along with investment management methodology is important and should lead to better decision making, and hence better investment outcomes over time.