Super Investment Options and Selection

  • Investment decisions made early can have a huge impact on your retirement. Higher investment returns when you are young may reduce your need to take the risk as you get older, and can provide you with a better income in retirement.
  • All investments may be subject to a certain level of risk and therefore returns may fluctuate. This means that as well as making money on your investments, there’s also the chance you could lose money or not make as much as you expected.
  • As a general rule, the larger the potential investment return, the higher the investment risk and the longer you need to remain invested to reduce that risk. The amount of risk involved with an investment can be managed by matching it appropriately with the length of time you have available to invest and your tolerance towards volatility or fluctuations in returns.
  • Diversification is important because every type of investment has its ups and downs. Owning a diverse range of investments can help you achieve smoother, more consistent investment returns. The more ways you diversify, the more you can reduce your risk.
  • This MoneySmart “Super calculator” can help you to better understand your personal situation. Talking with a financial planner can help you to understand investment risk and what investments may be appropriate for you. We are always happy to assist.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your options with one of our financial planners.