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The housing market had been rebounding very nicely up until the Coronavirus hit. There have been many changes happen in April 2020 with restrictions placed on travel, gatherings and many businesses having to close down. The economic impact will be felt over the next few months and will have an impact on the housing market. This webinar will give you an update of some of the changes in the market, latest home loan offers from the lenders, assistance for first home buyers and tips on how to improve your borrowing capacity.

Harry has been a mortgage consultant with Lifestyle Financial Services for over 3 years through Domane Mortgages. Prior to joining Domane Mortgages, Harry has worked with the major banks for over 19 years in various lending roles, helping small business owners and their families with business and personal finance. Harry was a Business Banking Manager during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and can see some similarities and differences with the current situation with regards to the lending landscape.

Clip form April 2020

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