Irene Kay (Kay Financial Services Pty Ltd) and Gareth Hall (Lifestyle Financial Services Pty Ltd) were colleagues who identified many synergies between their businesses. In 1996 Irene and Gareth agreed to merge Kay Financial Services into Lifestyle Financial Services, to work together to build a successful and seasoned financial planning practice.

Lifestyle specialises in both personal and corporate financial advice and has employed numerous support staff over the years. David Kissane and Tim Egger, who joined the company in 1998 and 2001 respectively, have both played integral parts in building efficient business processes; working alongside Irene and Gareth to develop this well-regarded business of good repute.

In July 2016, after enjoying over 20 years in business together, Irene and Gareth decided to pursue their own separate growth plans. Gareth and David continued to work together as Lifestyle Financial Services while Irene and Tim (joined by Jossel Ginsburg of Ginsburg Financial Services) merged to become Kabel Financial Services. In 2018 David left Lifestyle and began his own business; Wealthpool Advisers.