Newsletter March 2017 – Health Insurance : Do your homework

Active v passive investing – update In 2015, Lifestyle conducted detailed analysis and research into the perennial ‘Active versus Passive’ investment debate (as documented in our December 2015 Newsletter). While we generally agree with Warren Buffet’s view, there is still a place for active management of money by fund managers who charge a higher fee […] Keep Reading

Honesty the best policy with life insurance

Life insurance is one of the most important investments you can make to protect your family’s future wellbeing. And like any investment, it needs careful consideration. Taking out too little or too much insurance can be costly. Failing to disclose all relevant information to an insurer could result in a claim being denied – possibly […] Keep Reading

Learning from little ones

Feel like you could fill a book with all the weird and wonderful statements you’ve heard from your kids? Ever been on the receiving end of an ‘honest’ comment from a kid (and a rushed “sorry, no filter on this one!” from their parent)? There’s a reason kids’ quotes are popular topics everywhere from Twitter […] Keep Reading
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