About Lifestyle

We’re a passionate team of highly qualified professionals, passionate about providing great advice, which leads to great outcomes.

From inception in 1990 Lifestyle has grown to become one of Australia’s larger privately owned financial planning firms.

Why Lifestyle

We are privately owned. Your planner is a business owner who only has your best interests in mind and is not directed by a large financial institution.

Team approach. Lifestyle has 7 highly qualified Authorised Representatives who can all provide advice. We all work together as a team. You should always be able to get the right answers.

Scale is important. Planners need the time and resources to do intense research on behalf of their clients, to ensure they get great outcomes. Our unique structure provides this and allows us to be thorough, efficient and effective. We currently manage close to $1 billion on behalf of individuals, families, charitable foundations and not-for-profit organisations.

Proven Methodologies. We have tapped into the greatest minds around the world developing our methodologies. We continue to research and refine these over time.

We have methodologies for:

  • investment – super and non-super
  • retirement income
  • life and income insurance
  • debt management
  • investment gearing

A focus on goals. Our advice is based around the achievement of our client’s personal goals. We spend a lot of time making sure we get it right and we peer-review all our advice.

Proactive service. We will contact you if we think there is any need for changes and will organise full reviews at agreed intervals.

Living Plan. Your Plan is an ongoing work in progress and must change when you change in order to maintain its usefulness and relevance.

Lifetime Relationship. We are committed for the long haul.

We service

  • 500 personal financial planning families
  • Over 200 Employer clients and thousands of their employees.
  • We look after close to $1 billion on behalf of our clients.

Charter of Independence

We are licensed by Financial Wisdom Limited (AFSL No. 231138), who provide us with research, training and compliance support.

When we joined Financial Wisdom we negotiated a Charter of Independence, as we wanted to ensure that the options available to us when advising our clients were never unduly restricted by our licensee. This allows us to recommend the best strategies and solutions for our clients without product bias. You can view our Charter of Independence here.